Which is the role of eggs in baking?


How do you feel on this wonderful day? I hope you have a wonderful weekend, in which you tried new recipes like me. 

I had a few full days. I made a tiramisu without eggs and gluten, I tried a new muffin recipe and I organized an online workshop. 🙂 I wanted to have both sweet and salty
in the house, so that I don't miss anything. But it wasn't always like that. In the past, food caused me a lot of problems. At one point I didn't know what to eat, and it
seemed that the rashes were coming out of nowhere. 

At that time I did not know many suitable recipes and I did not have so much knowledge about baking without allergens. But one thing I knew. It is very annoying and 
frustrating to have allergies or intolerances. Sometimes you feel like your body is turning against you, it doesn't want to cooperate anymore. Think that I loved peanut 
butter. At one point I had a small obsession. Every morning I ate 2 slices of bread with peanut butter and jam and drank a latte. In general, I prefer strawberry jam, but I
also tried other options, so as not to get into a monotony. 

Today, I don't even know when was the last time I ate peanut butter. I miss it, of course, but I know it's for my own good. Same with other things. I have an intolerance to
caffeine, so now I have to avoid it. It makes me feel really bad. I sometimes try to drink green or black tea, but I have to dose the amount of tea very well.

This is what the last year and a half of my life looks like. With a lot of restrictions, frustrations and a lot of cravings. I loved pastry before, especially a croissant
full of butter. Now I look, most likely salivate and move on. I understand what it's like to live with certain restrictions, not to know what to eat, what recipes to make,
what to order in the restaurant and especially how to manage your cravings. I think that was the hardest part for me. To refrain from all sorts of things, even if I knew it 
was the right thing. 

I have to admit, I'm still cheating once in a while, but after that I suffer the consequences, which are not always the most pleasant. Until I started reading as much as I 
could about this topic, trying recipes, I couldn't control my allergies and intolerances. Now I try at least one recipe a week. I don't give up until I get the right result
and consistency. 

I told you I tried a savory muffin recipe. When you think of muffins, you will probably think of the sweet ones, with chocolate or vanilla, and full of colored cream, 
packaged very nicely. This time, because I had in mind to make tiramisu, I wanted to try a new recipe for salty muffins, without eggs, lactose and gluten. 
Have you ever tried? They are wonderful. Full of different flavors and cheese. They can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or as a snack, depending on what you prefer.

Of course they can be made with cow's milk, eggs or butter without any problem. I just wanted you to have options for any situation. First of all, know that even without
the usual ingredients, muffins can be excellent and fluffy. Plus, in case you are fasting or dieting, you can eat them without worrying.

But before I give you the recipe, I want to tell you about one of the main ingredients I excluded: EGGS. For me, the egg were very problematic. At least half an hour after
eating an omelet, the problems started. Sometimes it is very difficult to replace them. You need something close in taste, to give a good consistency, but also to help bind
the dough. A lot of things to do for a substitute....

Most likely, all your life you have used eggs in various dishes, cakes, sweets, sauces, soups, meatballs, as well as many other dishes. But have you ever wondered what
their role is? Why should we use or replace them?

The role of eggs in baking

1. They are used to create structure and give stability to the dough
2. Thickens and emulsifies sauces and puddings
3. Add moisture to the cakes
4. It works like an adhesive
5. When mixed with sugar, they make the dough fluffier and to rise faster

The role of the yolk

1. It is used for its fat content and its ability to emulsify
2. It binds liquids and fats
3. Thickens sauces and puddings when heated over low heat

The role of the egg white

1. Used for foam (when beaten)
2. When foaming, millions of air bubbles are incorporated into the egg whites
3. Beaten eggs are a growth agent in delicate cakes or soufflés
4. The sugar makes the beaten egg foam very stable

Egg temperature

1. They should be at room temperature when mixed with other ingredients
2. You need to separate the eggs while they are still cold, it will be easier
3. To quickly heat the eggs in the fridge, just keep them in hot water for a few minutes
Health rules

1. Eggs may contain traces of salmonella, which causes food poisoning
2. Cook eggs or products containing eggs at temperatures above 75 ° C or use pasteurized eggs
3. Be careful not to contaminate other fresh produce

Egg substitutes

1. Corn or potato starch - in creams, purees
2. Banana - in sweet dishes
3. Baking soda with cider vinegar / white wine
4. Flaxseeds
5. Chia seeds
6. Soft tofu (silken)
7. Soy flour
8. Agar-agar
9. Aquafaba

Indeed, substitutes will not be able to reproduce exactly the eggs. These are some of the hard-to-replace ingredients in elimination diets. But, it is possible to reach a 
very similar consistency and taste, so that you will not even realize that the recipe does not have eggs. You will not be able to make pavlova, meringue, or recipes that 
contain a very large number of eggs. But you will be able to replace them in most recipes and they will be just as tasty.

I have made various recipes and dishes without eggs so far, due to my allergy. The only thing I miss is the skewers. I have no idea how I could make them taste similar. 
In addition, I made eggless cakes, sweet and savory muffins, cake creams, including vanilla cream, sweet and savory tarts, blackberries and much more. I made many dishes 
without eggs, and I found the right substitutes for them. You just have to try.

As I promised you at the beginning of the email, I will give you the muffin recipe. You will find there the necessary ingredients as well as the steps to follow.

 What if you tried and experimented a little?

I want to challenge you. How about you try to make the recipe by next week and tell me how it turned out? In addition to the recipe, I want you to try to replace the egg 
in another dish, see how it turns out and tell me how it was. Are you interested?

Please send me an email and let me know what do you think. 
Have a wonderful day.



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