Healthy Baking Lessons – Ep.3 – Quail Eggs


How are you? How are you spending your week? And what are your plans for this weekend? 

If you remember, I started a series of weekly videos on healthy baking. I hope you like it and find it useful. Plus, you can suggest a topic for discussion, 
about which you want to find out more. What do you say? 

Through these materials I want to create awareness on this beautiful subject, of healthy baking. Plus you get credible, complete information that you can rely on. 

I want you to know more about the following topics: 

1. What are the ingredients in healthy baking? 
2. How are they used? 
3. What are the news in the field? 
4. Q&A with the answers to your questions.

The third topic that I want to talk to you about is the Quail Egg. It is a good substitute for the chicken egg in case of food allergy or intolerance. And in case of high 
cholesterol, it is recommended to give up on eggs, because they will influence its growth.
I'm allergic to chicken eggs, so I needed an option. For cakes for a long time I used chia seeds, flaxseeds or even aquafaba. But I really missed a breakfast based on 
scrambled eggs with cheese, or in this case, vegan cheese. Or the Carbonara pasta, which I enjoyed every time with great pleasure.

And of course I couldn't make these dishes with aquafaba, or flax or chia seeds. So I wanted to find a way to replace them. I think you know what it's like, when you 
really want to eat something, and you can't.

 Hens are related to turkeys, but not to ducks, geese or quails. So if there is an allergy to chicken egg, there is a very high possibility that you are not allergic to duck, goose or quail eggs.

I decided to try them and it was a very good decision. I did not have any allergic reaction, they behave very well and have a wonderful taste.

I was able to eat the scrambled eggs again for breakfast and make a delicious portion of Carbonara pasta. They were even better than the version made with chicken eggs.
Very tasty.

But in addition to this advantage, quail eggs have many benefits.

Benefits of quail eggs at a glance:

1. They contain good cholesterol, LDL.

2. They are high in vitamin A, so it helps with eyesight.

3. They are rich in nutrients, iron and potassium.

4. They are high in proteins, so they help develop the muscular and skeletal system.

5. Prevent / Relieve allergies, due to the content of ovomucoid protein.

6. Accelerate metabolism due to the content of vitamin B.

But all this and much more, as well as how to use and boil you can find them in the following VIDEO.
You will also find out how you can use them in your recipes, why they are not as dangerous as chicken eggs and many other things.

What you say? What do you think about the quail eggs? Will you use them from now on in your products? Send me an email and tell me what you think about it. 
I am waiting for your answer and I promise that I will respond to all emails with the greatest pleasure. 

I wish you a wonderful day. 


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