How to match your cakes with the perfect drink?


I hope that I find you well on this wonderful Sunday. How are you?

I hope you enjoyed the materials you received and read so far, and I hope you found them useful. It is best to live a life as close as possible to what it was before 
you discovered your diet limitations.

I will create different materials every week, related to ingredients used in healthy baking, various simple but delicious recipes, but also useful lists for a person 
passionate about confectionery.

You may remember that I told you that I made different cakes for various events, birthdays, corporate events and that I organized workshops. Each time a question arose, 
what else could the guests serve to match the cake they ordered?

And the truth is, it's a very appropriate question. I remember one of the workshops I organized, where the star was a carrot cake. Maybe you expect it to be with cheese 
or some other cream. But then I wanted to try another option, with chocolate. It was perfect. The rich taste of chocolate matched perfectly with the fresh taste of the 
carrot dough.

Because the workshop was on a Saturday afternoon, I thought people were tired of drinking tea. That's why I decided to serve them with a few snacks, as well as with Cava.
I thought it was the safest option. Usually everyone loves this drink, it is quite sophisticated, you associate it with a celebration, and it fits perfectly with cakes.

Prosecco or Cava are not the only type of drink that goes well with sweets. You may have wondered countless times what kind of drink to buy for a birthday, or a dinner you
organized for family or friends. We usually buy what we like or what we know guests like. But what if you gave them a different experience? How about giving them the 
perfect drink for the type of cake you make? 

If you keep reading you will find out more details about it. 

I am convinced that your guests will love this. Cakes are suitable with various types of drink to enhance their taste. That doesn't mean they you cannot match them with 
what you like. 

As I promised you, I have prepared for you a list of different types of cakes and the drink that suits them. 

1. Red Velvet Cake - Pinot Noir - this wine is suitable because it highlights the chocolate undertones in the cake and accentuates them with the flavors of cherry wine.

2. Cheesecake - White dessert wine - due to the high fat content of the cheesecake, a slightly acidic wine is suitable to create a balance between tastes 

3. Lemon cakes - Prosecco - not only because it is a light wine, but also because its aroma will attenuate the strong taste of lemon 

4. Vanilla cake - Riesling - will have to be matched with a slightly sweet wine, but not so sweet as to overwhelm 

5. Chocolate cake - Syrah, Cabernet, Grenach, Grand Marnier - the best matches, thanks to the wine chocolate undertones 

6. Carrot cake - Sherry - Sherry is a little sweet, but also dry, so it will fit very well with the creamy components of the cake 

7. Strawberry Cake - Rose sparkling wine - the rose has a fruity aroma and will highlight the taste of strawberries

8. Panettone - Prosecco or Moscato d’Asti 

9. Coconut Cakes - Champagne or Passion Fruit Liqueur 

10. Coffee or Walnut Cakes - Porto Wine, Sweet Sherry, or Chocolate Flavored Liqueur.

There are certainly other versions of combining cakes with drinks, but these are the most common. Anyway you can use your imagination and surely your event will be perfect.

How about a challenge? The next time you make a cake, and you want to match it with the right drink, for a party, dinner or event, choose an option from the list. 
After trying, please ask the guests to tell me what they think. From my own experience, I think it will be a very positive one, but I want you to see their reaction and
experience it on your skin.

Please email me if you have any questions. How do you like the list above? Have you ever tried to match the right food or cake with the right drink? How was it?

I wish you a wonderful day ahead and I look forward to your reply.

With love,

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