How can healthy baking improve your everyday life?


How are you today? How was your weekend?

Today is an important holiday for me, St. Andrew. I'm celebrating my name day. Tomorrow we are going to celebrate December 1, the national Romania's day.

Unfortunately it will be a very different national day, given the current context. But with all the things that are happening we should not lose the spirit
of the holidays that will follow. Either way, this year we should be grateful for what we have.

From this point of view, I want to thank you for being with me.

I really enjoy this and I really appreciate it. We started this journey together at the beginning of the year, and so much has happened since then. 3 seasons
have already passed and we have suffered a full pandemic.

In addition, there were the adjacent lifestyle changes, financial choices, maybe on the job. I feel like I've learned so much with you. And now we are around
the winter holidays and we are going to prepare delicious and healthy sweets for Christmas.
I believe that in addition to healthy baking, we also share the concern for a healthy life, but also some dietary restrictions. These may be due to food 
allergies or intolerances, diabetes or other illnesses.

Did you know that between 10 and 30% of the world's population suffers from seasonal allergies and asthma? But that 20% of the population has food 
intolerances? But that 9.3% of the world's population has diabetes?

It seems like a big number to me, and I don't think anyone should go through that. It makes life much harder and more complicated.

Maybe you are one of these people and you know very well what they are talking about. So what to do? The solution is to change your diet. Allergens or 
ingredients that cause intolerances should be avoided. You've probably wondered countless times how to do that.

But if you like making cakes and eating them as much as I do, which ones are right for you? Eventually everything you learned about cakes needs to change.

I have always had a huge passion for baking, so I wanted to find out as much as possible about this field. I took a baking course, which gave me the basics

and solid information on the subject. Then I did an internship at a bakery. I just wanted to know more, I was always an ambitious person.

I saw a lot of modern techniques and cakes that looked great and I had no idea how to make them. So:

• I learned a lot on my own, either from books or from the Internet.
• I tried many types of recipes, techniques, creams, different spices.
• I changed the quantities of recipes when needed.
• I bought the tools I needed.
• And I found creative ways to present the products.

I remember how hard this process was to find out everything on my own, so for this reason I like to share with you everything I learned and help you. It's 
hard to be alone in this process.
Two years ago, I found out I was allergic to wheat flour, eggs and peanuts. That led me to go for healthy, allergen-free cakes. In the beginning it was to 
solve a problem and a need that I had.

I started documenting myself again, learning, trying new things, failing and starting over. It was a new challenge, but also a necessity. That was my new 

Over time I learned to avoid certain products, I read a lot of things about allergens, I found companies that offer products without them, so now I manage to
have a somewhat normal diet.

I think you ran into the same problems and didn't know exactly what to do about it. How many times have you not thought that you will have to give up cakes?
You probably tried to make it at home sometimes, but they didn't have the perfect consistency. Maybe you've had failures after failures and you haven't had 
anyone ask where you went wrong and what you can do better next time. I know very well how frustrating it can be.

You may be wondering why you would trust what I say. I'm just telling you one thing. I was where you are now.

I was in exactly the same situation more than 6 years ago. So I understand you perfectly. Much more than you think. It’s like everyone seems to be doing just

fine, but not you. But things can change 180 ° and fast. Once you start to know more about healthy confectionery, you will feel much more confident. You will

see changes very quickly. I have thought of you and the problems you face, so I have prepared for you a series of three materials, from which you will learn

more about healthy baking, about the substitutes of ingredients that cause allergies or intolerances, but also how you can she became more proficient in

bakery in a relatively short time. I want to help you and share with you everything I have learned over the years.


I want to give back and help through my experience. Maybe you’ve felt insecure many times when you made cakes, or wanted to give up. How many times have you

told yourself that you will never succeed? Or maybe time was the issue. With your job, family and other responsibilities, you may have thought that you will

not have time to develop your passion.


But one thing I can tell you for sure, from my own experience. Once you start dedicating time to your passion, it will change your life. And it will do so

from at least three points of view:

1. You will end up specializing in a field you like. The more you learn, the more fun it will be to make cakes. It will make you happy.

2. You will finally be able to enjoy the right cakes for you or your family. You will be able to make that cake that you thought you would never eat again. 
Finally you will know what you can eat without suffering because of the unpleasant consequences caused by health problems.

3. It will make your life easier. The simple fact that you will know so much about your food restrictions will help you with your shopping list, but also 
with the choices you make in restaurants.

In the following material I will tell you what are the steps you need to follow to become skilled in healthy baking, but I will also talk about real cases, 
from which to be inspired.

Please give me a reply and tell me more about you. What dietary restrictions do you have? What problems did you encounter when you wanted to make the right 
cakes for you? How did you feel when maybe they didn't come out right? How did you feel when your cake was admired by those close to you?
I am waiting for your answer and I promise that I will respond to all emails with the greatest pleasure. I wish you a wonderful day. 


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