Healthy Baking Lessons – Ep. 4 – Soy Milk


How are you? How are you spending your week? And what wonderful things have you been doing lately?

I promised you weekly materials, both videos and blog posts on healthy baking. The time has come for Episode 4, in which I will tell you more about lactose-free
dairy products, but also vegan dairy products. I will also share with you part of my story and my journey so far. Plus you can suggest a topic for discussion, about which
you want to know more. What do you say?

I was and am still in the same situation as you. 

So it's easier for me to relate to you and understand you. I also have food allergies and intolerances. Even if we are talking about other diseases, in the end it is also
about diet and dietary restrictions.

Through these materials I want to create awareness on this beautiful subject, of healthy baking. Plus you get credible, complete information that you can rely on.

I want you to know more about the following topics:

1. What are the ingredients used in healthy baking?
2. How are they used?
3. What are the news in the field?
4. Q&A with the answers to your questions.
The fourth topic I want to talk to you about is Soy Milk. It is a good substitute for dairy products in case of allergy or food intolerance.
I've been working with soy milk for quite some time. It was for two reasons.

1. I have an intolerance to histamine, so it helps a lot to give up dairy products and especially matured cheeses. So vegan milk seemed the best fit for me. 
I like the taste and the way it behaves in the products I make.

2. Because I focused on cakes and desserts for people who have various allergies and intolerances, I looked for products that they can consume.

If you have a lactose intolerance or allergy, there are many suitable lactose-free products on the market. You can find lactose-free cream creams, butter, milk, yogurt,
mascarpone, cooking cream and much more.

If there is an intolerance or an allergy to casein, things get a little more complicated. These lactose-free products will not be good for you. So you will have to focus on 
the vegan options. Whether there are made from soy, almonds, cashews, rice, coconut or other types they will be good for you. 

But there are many vegan products on the market. You can find yogurt, butter, milk, cream cheese, cheese, cooking cream and much more.

You may be wondering why use soy milk in baking or other vegan milk and not water, right?

Water is very good in baking and this cannot be denied. But in some ways water is not so good. Sometimes it can alter the structure of the products, but also slow down
the growth rate of the yeast dough.

This is because water does not contain nutrients. Products that contain fats and carbohydrates will help the dough a lot. It will become more fragile and fluffy.

But in addition to this advantage, soy milk has other benefits. Of course you can use other vegetable products. There is a great variety, from almonds, cashews, rice, 
coconut, sesame, etc.

The benefits of soy milk in brief:

1. It is a good source of proteins and carbohydrates.

2. Due to its protein content similar to that of cow's milk, it helps to produce similar results.

3. Does not contain lactose.

4. Does not contain casein.

5. Contains unsaturated fats of animal origin.

But all this and much more, as well as how to use and obtain it, you can find out in the following VIDEO.

You will also find out why it is a better option than other types of vegan milk, how you can make it at home and what type to consume.

What do you say? How do you like soy milk? Have you used it before? If so, how did you feel? Send me an email and tell me what you think about it. 

I am waiting for your answer and I promise that I will respond to all emails with the greatest pleasure. 

I wish you a wonderful day.


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