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How are you today? And how do you spend your weekend? 

Wherever you are at the moment, I hope you enjoy the coming of the new season. I know that during this period it is a little more complicated to enjoy 
normal life. However, I hope you take a moment from time to time to relax and do something for yourself.

But leaving these things aside, today I want to talk to you about Gluten Intolerance, and especially Cross-Contamination. I also found a very useful video, 
which I thought to share with you. I will give you the link at the end of the article. It will clarify some questions you may have about this topic.

I don't know if you've ever wondered why the products say they contain various traces? Or how can you have various symptoms even if you do not eat gluten or 
other allergens?

I had something like this happen to me. I was very surprised, after I started consuming gluten-free or allergen-free products and reading the labels, that 
they contained various traces. They may contain traces of wheat, gluten, lupine, eggs, peanuts, etc.

And then I wondered what I could do? What can I eat? Maybe you ask yourself the same questions.
You try to avoid ingredients that cause allergies or intolerances, you make the right decision to eat gluten-free and allergen-free products, but it's still
not 100% okay. It's very frustrating.

It is very possible that some people do not react to such a small amount, or do not have symptoms. But it's still NOT okay in the long run. Because it 
accumulates, it affects the digestive system and in the end you will still feel the consequences, only with a delayed effect.

I admit, it irritates me a lot, when I want to avoid eggs for example, I read the label, the product has no eggs, but it has traces of eggs… .. Many times
my body reacted to quite small amounts of eggs, so I have to be very careful.

Unfortunately, not only the products we find on the market can contain traces of gluten, or other allergens. We must also be careful not to contaminate 
them at home or or to be contaminated when we eat at a restaurant.

In the video I told you about, Jackie C, a dietitian at Mayo Clinic, explains very well the ways in which gluten cross-contamination happens.

This can happen in various stages:

1. It can start when the gluten-free grains are in the field, near wheat or barley. If they are not grown in different locations, and protected so as not 
to become contaminated, this can happen.

2. Gluten-free grains may also be contaminated if they are transported in the same trailer or the same container in which the grains with gluten were

3. In factories they can be contaminated if they are stored in the same place, or processed with the same equipment.

4. In restaurants, food can become contaminated with gluten if the same grills or fryers are used as for gluten-free food, or if the same water is used to
 boil regular pasta and gluten-free pasta.

5. At home, gluten contamination can occur if you use the same toaster in which gluten-free bread was toasted or if you cut gluten-free products with the 
same utensils you used for the rest. They may contain gluten particles.

As I said before, you may not have any consequences related to this cross-contamination. Not everyone who is sensitive to gluten will be affected.

What can you do to prevent it?

1. Read product labels very well. They should say that they are Gluten Free (this means that they contain 20 parts per million gluten, including cross-

2. When you eat at the restaurant, tell them that you have a sensitivity to gluten, to pay more attention.

3. Ask what methods they take to control gluten cross-contamination.

4. At home, make a system to keep gluten-free food safe. You can try to store food in an area other than the rest, to prepare it in a different place gluten,
to use different equipment and utensils.

As I promised you, below you can find the link to the video in which he talks in detail about this issue.

Please give me a reply by email if you have any questions, I promise I will read everything and answer.

What kind of intolerances / allergies do you have? How do you manage to keep them under control and manage what you eat? What do you think about cross-
contamination of food?

I sincerely hope it will be useful to you. I wish you a wonderful weekend.



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