Healthy Baking Lessons – Ep. 2 – Coconut Sugar


How are you? How is your week?

If you remember, I started a series of weekly videos on healthy baking. Through these materials I want to create awareness on this beautiful subject, of 
healthy baking. What do you say? How do you like it? Are you interested?
I want you to know more about the following topics:
1. What are the ingredients used in healthy baking?
2. How are they used?
3. What are the news in the field?
4. Q&A with the answers to your questions.
The second topic I chose to debate today is related to the refined sugar, and especially the coconut sugar.

I started working with it a long time ago and I really liked it. At least I think it fits me very well. The resulting products have a subtle caramel flavor, but which 
fits very well. I made both Tiramisu and Cheesecake with coconut sugar and they were extraordinarily delicious. I use it in almost everything. But it is my preference and
 in addition to this there are other equally good substitutes that you can use.

In short:

1. It is a substitute for refined sugar, suitable for people who have problems with the sugar in the blood.

2. It has a low glycemic index, 34, which is considered a small to medium index.

3. It is rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

4. It is obtained through a very simple, mechanical process, without the addition of chemicals.

5. It has a slight caramel taste, but it is not very strong. So it can be used for various products, both creams and doughs.

6. It can be used for various cakes, muffins and other products and is very easy to replace.

But these and many more, as well as how to use it you can find out in the following VIDEO.
You will also learn how to replace refined white sugar with unrefined coconut sugar in your recipes. In addition, you will know the benefits of using it and an example 
of a product that you can easily find on the market.


What do you say? How do you like coconut sugar? Will you use it from now on in your products? Send me an email and tell me what you think about it.

I am waiting for your answer and I promise that I will respond to all emails with the greatest pleasure. I wish you a wonderful day.


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