Chocolate Carrotcake Workshop

At the beginning of the year, I decided to follow my passion and start a baking business. I always loved baking and enjoyed a lot to make a cake for each event and occasion I had. From that strong wish and passion for baking, I started Buttercup Desserts, a new artisanal bakery in Rotterdam. The idea behind it is to offer healthy cakes, made from good, fresh and tasty ingredients. The final products have a magnificent taste of fruits, chocolate, or any other ingredient that they contain. On top of that, the cakes have an individual design, tailored to the needs of the customers or according to the event.

The adventure started with a workshop and the main star of this workshop was the Chocolate Carrot Cake. Usually, the carrot cake has a mix of cheese cream and a juicy carrot dough. Starting from there, I decided to teach people how to make a carrot cake with a twist. The chocolate lovers can enjoy now their favorite chocolate, combined with the taste of a carrot cake, filled with cinnamon. A combination of milk and pure chocolate can create the perfect cream, which enhances the taste and is suitable for all preferences.

The workshop was a great success with the participation of 16 people who enjoyed the pleasures of learning how to make a cake from scratch. I explained and showed to the participants all the phases of making the dough and the cream. Following the steps, each of them has created a small carrot cake, and in the end, they enjoyed it with a glass of Cava. The best types of drinks to pair with cakes or desserts are white wine or Cava/Prosecco/Champagne.

The room was filled with laughs, chocolate and a good time. Each person learned how to make a great cake, but as well met other like-minded people, got to know them better, exchange impressions and make friends. Everybody could ask all the questions that they had in mind and received a copy of the recipe to be able to replicate it at home. I offered them my help after the workshop was finished. They were able to ask me later any question related to baking on Facebook, Instagram or on Whatsapp.

Everybody loves bubbles and also a good cake, so each participant was satisfied with the final result and had lots of fun. In the end, a cake workshop is an experience in itself. While learning how to bake a great cake, you can also socialize and team up with the rest of the people in creating the final product. One can use the knowledge later on and impress their friends, family or anybody else with the skills acquired and enjoy the magnificent world of chocolate combined with the refreshing taste of a carrot cake.

I will let you enjoy further the pictures of the event and I will keep you updated on the following cake workshops. The choices can be infinite and the world of the bakery is never boring. One can adjust the cakes to their taste and create many combinations.


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