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Cheese Carrot Cake

Hi darlings,

How is your day? I hope that all of you are having a nice and relaxing day, to be able to catch up after a stressful, busy week.

On that relaxing note (while chilling out under a blanket with my snoring Frenchie sleeping on me :)), I was thinking of one of my favorite cakes, the carrot cheesecake. It’s quite a funny story behind it. Before the carrot cakes started to be so trendy and for every bakery to have one, it was considered a bit weird to see carrots as an ingredient for a cake.

I discovered a carrot cake recipe totally by mistake a few years ago. One day when I was scrolling without any certain purpose the Facebook feed, I saw a very appealing picture of a cake. Being very interested in cakes, and of course, I was drooling already, I checked the ingredients and decided to try it myself. My surprise was big when I saw that one of the ingredients for the dough was the carrot. I thought for a second that it’s weird to put carrots in your cake, how could that taste? But then looking a bit more at it, at the combination of smooth cream cheese with cinnamon (and of course drooling some more :)) ), I said what the hell, I will give it a try and see for myself what this carrot cake is all about.

I went to the store, bought all the ingredients needed and started preparing the cake. I mixed everything together, I added the shredded carrots and it became a nice orange-ish dough. It had to stay for a while in the oven, the carrots give extra moisture, but it became a pretty cake with good consistency. I added extra cinnamon. I love the cinnamon taste and the edge that it gives to the cakes or coffee. On top, I added the vanilla cream cheese cream and strawberry jelly, to add some freshness. Of course, the waiting was terrible. I am not a very patient person, and that combined with the fact that I couldn’t wait to try the precious and strange carrot cake, it felt like an eternity. As soon as the cream and the jelly settled, I took it out of the fridge, cut a big piece and prepared my fork. I took the first bite and I waited. There was an explosion of taste in my mouth. The freshness of the cheese cream, the sweetness of the fresh strawberry jelly and then the edgy taste of cinnamon. It was WOW. The carrots add an extra flavor and the taste is not too strong, but it’s enough to make a perfect cake.

Since then, I make it with every occasion I get. For myself, friend’s birthdays, for the loved ones. Every time someone asks me to make my favorite cake, I make the carrot cake. Who would have thought that from a strange idea of a cake, it would become the one that I enjoy most? Over the years I adjusted a bit the recipe here and there until I made it perfect for my own taste. It’s very easy to make and I am pretty sure that it will make you happy as it did to me.

You have below the ingredients, the steps and also some variations of the cake to inspire you.

Step 1: Mix the all-purpose flour with the baking powder in a bowl. You can use the sieve in order not to have lumps. Add the sugar and the cinnamon.

Step 2: In a different bowl add the melted butter, the sunflower oil and mix them together. Add one by one the eggs, mix it and then add the shredded carrots.

Step 3: Add on top of the wet ingredients, the dry ingredients and mix gently.

Step 4: Prepare the cooking form. You can either use baking spray or butter, in order for the dough not to stick to the form. You can also use baking paper.

Step5: Add the dough in the cooking form and then insert it in the preheated oven. Bake it for 40-45 min at 180-200 ℃. Did you ever try the toothpick test? You can insert a toothpick in different parts of the cake and if it comes out clean then you know that your cake is well baked. You take it out and let it cool down on a cooling rack.

Step 6: While waiting for the cake to cool down, you can prepare the cheese cream. The cheese cream needs to be at room temperature. You need to be careful though with the brand that you use because some of them have a softer consistency and then you need to add more starch. I found at Lidl a cream cheese that has a very good consistency, it needs to be quite thick. You mix the cream cheese with the butter (at room temperature).

Step 7: You add the powdered sugar, vanilla, and corn starch. You mix everything well together with a hand mixer and then add it on top of the cooled cake. Leave it in the fridge while you prepare the strawberry jelly.

Step 8: In a bowl, you add the gelatine and let it soak for 10 min. I use powdered gelatine, which I mix with 1.5 spoons of water.

Step 9: In a pan, you add the fresh strawberries and mix them with the sugar. You can also use the frozen ones or other fruits that you enjoy. You mix everything at low heat until it becomes similar to a syrup. Don’t let it boil.

Step 10: Using a blender you crush the fruits and then you pour everything through a sieve in order not to have seeds.

Step 11: You add in the strawberry syrup while it’s warm the gelatine, and mix it in order to melt. You let it cool down, in order to be able to pour it on the cake.

Step 12: When the syrup is at the room temperature, you can pour it over the cake. Insert it in the fridge and let it cool down for a few hours.

Enjoy your amazing carrot cake!


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