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Arriba, Arriba…Viva el Mexico – Part II

Hi, darlings,

How was your weekend? I know it’s already almost the middle of the week, but it is always nice to think about the great and relaxing things that you do, to keep you motivated for the working week.

Remember my last article, about the first part of my trip to Mexico? I hope so because today I will tell you about other amazing places that I’ve seen, so hang in there with me.

The trip continued to Campeche, a city situated at the Golf of Mexico, filled with pirate stories. It is represented by baroque colonial buildings and a walled historic district. The city was fortified due to the numerous pirate attacks in the 17th century and it welcomes you with a wooden boat. The small streets are perfect to walk while enjoying the historical buildings and the beauty of the town. After getting to know the historical city and wandering the streets, I decided to go for an evening walk next to the sea. There was an open-air show, where people were singing, dancing or just enjoying the view. It was great to be at the sea again, knowing that it would be the last time when I would see it during the trip. I was headed the next days towards the jungle and the mountains.

In the evening I went to the city center where they had a beautiful show. Images from the history of the region were projected on the buildings, so I could see the life that Mexican people had over the decades. It was extraordinary to witness that and the music helped to get better into that feeling. Later I went to a restaurant focused on fish and seafood. There I had the best octopus in my life. The meat was so fresh and tender that it was melting in my mouth. I also tried sangrita, which is a drink where you mix two shots, one shot of tequila and one shot of tomato juice with spices. It was amazing and a very nice way to drink tequila.

Closeby to the restaurant there was an area full of bars and terraces, a very lively place. I sat at a terrace with live music and enjoyed the same drink as on the way to Pomuch, but this time with a twist. Remember the shot of tequila mixed with coffee liquor, after which he shook my head? :)) That one. This time I had it on fire. It was great. They are inventing everyday new and more original ways of enjoying tequila. And they are nailing it for sure. The taste was amazing, not too sweet, but also not that strong as a regular shot of tequila. The music was very nice as well and the singer was very interested in where are we from, so she decided to dedicate us a song 🙂

At one point we decided to go to the hotel and get a good night of sleep. While walking towards the hotel, we passed by a bar where you could hear great salsa music coming from the inside. So the general thought was: Why not? We could sleep on the bus the next day 🙂 Inside there was loud salsa music, and lots of locals dancing. Damn, they dance well. It’s like they are born with the rhythm in their blood. It was amazing to see their movements. Most of them looked like professional dances, even though most likely they didn’t really take professional salsa classes. I danced as well, even if my moves are not that perfect. But it felt really good just to feel the rhythm and dance like there is no tomorrow.

The next day it started the trip towards Palenque and the jungle. The first stop was at the temples. Hidden deep in the jungle are the ruins of the great Maya city of Palenque. On this trip, I’ve seen a few archeological sites, but this was from far one of the best. The temperature was quite high, I think it passed 35℃, and the humidity was up to the roof. It was a bit hard to adapt to the humidity, but the landscape was amazing. Especially after climbing on the pyramids it was breath-taking. The sound of the howler monkeys in the rainforest nearby, the imponent trees that were surrounding me made me feel at great peace. Unfortunately, I had to leave at the end of the opening program. They were really careful to take everybody out because at night the jaguars wander around.

On the way to our hotel, we stopped at a great restaurant, situated at the beginning of the jungle. I enjoyed a few great empanadas with a local Mexican beer. Later on, I enjoyed a refreshing rice dessert, with a delicious and juicy mango on top. The food was delicious and so authentic. I think I was drooling at the thought of empanadas since I arrived in Mexico, but somehow they eluded me until then. Still, with the thought at the jungle and at night safaris to see the jaguars, I headed to the hotel and got prepared for the next day.

The wake-up call was very early in the morning. There was a long way ahead through the jungle at first and then through the mountains towards San Cristobal de las Casas and Chiapa de Corzo. Indeed it took us very long to get to San Cristobal de las Casas, but it was worth it every second. The road through the jungle, just before the sunrise was breath-taking. The vapors of water that were covering the landscape, the sunrise above the trees and all the pure beauty was something that I will never forget. We passed later on many small mountain villages. There the day starts very early and they work a lot in order to be able to put food on the table for their families. I tried to take pictures to a local Mexican woman, but she was trying to elude the camera. After I found out that they are very superstitious. They believe that the camera steals the soul of a person, so they will not let you take a picture in which they will look straight at the objective.

San Cristobal de las Casas, designated a Pueblo Magico, is indeed a very beautiful place. It is well known for coffee and amber. I could find here a lot of beautiful pieces of jewelry with amber and jade, or other stones, very finely worked. I visited as well the Museum of Amber and later on the market. I tried a few of their local sweets, in different colors and tastes. Everything from textiles to sweets is so cheerful and beautifully colored. It makes everything so lively.

That night I slept at Chiapa de Corzo, called as well a Pueblo Magico. The hotel had a gorgeous garden, with luxuriant plants and lots of small lizards 🙂 After having an easy dinner, with the traditional and the most amazing meal for me, the taco, I enjoyed a nice quiet evening by the pool.

The trip continued to the Sumidero Canyon. A boat trip was waiting and a lot of beautiful landscapes and hopefully wild animals. I love water and I can say that I swim decently, but one can get a bit worried when you are being told that caymans or alligators are swimming around you :)) The landscape was again breath-taking, the canyon is impressive. Many species of birds populate the area and live happily in this natural paradise. At one point we saw another boat next to the shore, and people seemed quite excited. And there was a surprise… Guess what? There were two adorable small monkeys eating bananas given by the tourists. I know you were expecting the alligators… Me too. The boat went quite far in the canyon and then it had to turn back. Indeed I was a bit disappointed that no alligator came nearby, but I kept my hopes. Not too long after, the driver of the boat received the tip that there are somewhere nearby. At the beginning I didn’t notice them, they were so well camouflaged with the water and the mud. And surprise…There were two of them. The moment that I was waiting for since the morning, arrived. One of them was lying in the sun and the other one in the water. We went quite close by. That feeling of excitement mixed with a little fear was amazing. They are indeed impressive creatures.

The trip continued to the archeological site Chiapa de Corzo, which is pre-Columbian and located nearby Chiapas. The magnitude of the place is impressive. The square of the site when it’s the rainy season is all green and fresh and all the landscape changes. It was really interesting to hear some special insects. I don’t know how they are called, but the sound that they make is very funny. I had the impression that some UFO’s are going to land soon and I will be surrounded by curious aliens :))

Next time I will tell you the stories about Oaxaca, Puebla and Mexico City and all the adventures that followed. If you want to hear the last part of the adventure, please subscribe to the newsletter and like the Facebook or Instagram page! I cannot wait to tell you more and I hope that you enjoyed it!



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