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Arriba, Arriba…Viva el Mexico! – Part I

Winter is coming to The Netherlands and unfortunately, the temperatures are dropping every day. Every time it happens I think of summer, sunny days, a clear blue sky, ice creams, the beach and lots of light clothes. Layering can be very nice, but sometimes I just dream of wearing a silky light blue dress, sandals and sipping a cocktail next to the sea.

So grab a cup of hot tea, listen to this amazing song and read about the beginning of my trip. 

Lost Frequencies – Are you with me?

This weekend made me think about my trip to Mexico, the great weather, amazing food, and great sweets. It was my first trip to Central America and it was definitely worth it every minute. I always felt attracted to the Latin culture, Spanish language and of course their climate. So when the opportunity came, I didn’t think twice and booked a holiday to this amazing country. I could practice my Spanish and travel, what else can be better in this world?

The trip was long and tiring, first a direct train from Rotterdam to Airport Charles de Gaulle, early in the morning, then an afternoon direct flight to Cancun. When I arrived there it didn’t matter anymore. The warm weather, the palm trees changed my mood completely and I couldn’t wait for the adventure to start. I arrived in the late afternoon, while it was still light outside. It took a while to get the luggage and pass through the customs. It was really surprising for me that by the time I was out of the airport it was already dark outside. It got dark really fast, there was not much time in between like it is in Europe.

On the way to the hotel, I passed a long strip of luxury resorts while having on the left and right lots of palm trees. I checked in, left the luggage in the room and went looking for the restaurant of the hotel, I was starving. What better way to end a long day, then with a cold Corona and some fresh nachos with guacamole? I love guacamole and I try to enjoy it as much as possible, but that was the best I ever had. Full of garlic, fresh avocados and seasoned with onions, tomatoes, and lime. At the end of the dinner, I had a nice local Tequilla for digestion. 🙂

After a good night of sleep, I started the day with a great breakfast and then I enjoyed a bit the beach and the clear blue water of the Caribbean Sea. The warm breeze, the palm trees, and the great surroundings made me feel very welcomed. After that, I went to check the surroundings and see what Cancun has to offer. Still a bit jetlagged after the long flight, I went straight for icecream to handle better the warm weather and after to explore the area. I found a store full of typical sweets, candies, a true heaven for any sweets lover. I tried as much as possible and bought a few for later.

After that, I found a nice terrace in front of the lake and enjoyed a cold Corona and observed the vibe of Cancun. I expected to be filled with Americans but there were a lot of locals or other Latin Americans. Everybody tries to invite you to their store or sell you a trip, but I met very friendly locals. In case you have a question or ask for directions or you need help with something, they are very eager to help you, which felt really nice.

Later on, I enjoyed a big dinner, and of course, I had to try as much as possible. Everything seemed so appealing and good, so many new tastes and textures, that you could spend the whole day eating. Of course, I had to try the flan, one of their most popular desserts. I have enjoyed it in so many places, and I wanted to try a Mexican authentic one. The complex was amazing, had two great pools, different restaurants and also lots of choices for activities.

The next day I had my dream come true. I went to the aquarium, swam with the dolphins and had the once in a lifetime opportunity to get kissed by a sea lion. It was an extraordinary experience, they are amazing animals. I love sea lions, seals and dolphins. They are one of my favorite animals, so I couldn’t miss that opportunity. The aquarium’s mission and also what the employees promoted was the well being of the animals, cleaning the ocean and care for the wild fauna. The day was really great and filled with emotions, but unfortunately the next I had to continue the adventure and go to the next city. So in the morning, after a good rest, I had to pack and say goodbye to my beloved sea. It was great to be in Cancun and enjoy a bit the beach and get some rest. I would have wished to stay a bit longer there, but a lot of other amazing things were waiting.

The next stop was at one of the biggest Mayan archeological sites, Chichen-Itza, one of the Worlds’ Seven Wonders. The heat was hard to adjust to, but the important constructions make you forget about it and think about how they lived in those times. The energy is overwhelming, you feel special to be in a place filled with so much history. I had two amazing guides, that told me at every step the history of the places that I visited, the rituals people had in those days. You could see that they are passionate about their job and they wanted to transmit the same feeling. I enjoyed a traditional lunch and had the opportunity to witness a traditional dance.

Further on, I traveled to Merida, the capital of the Yucatan state and one of the largest cities in the peninsula Yucatan. I visited the city center, the cathedral of Merida, Paseo de Montejo and the Government Palace. The walls were decorated with murals that expressed the history of the peninsula. The whole day and especially in the morning I could hear the birds singing. It was one of the most amazing things in the morning. There were so many and different types, I don’t think I have heard anywhere else something so beautiful and pure. Merida is a vibrant city, that combines new and modern architecture with the old and traditional one. Here I tried the amazing Mexican sweet buns, called conchas. They are soft on the inside and have a crunchy sweet and colored coating. They are very cute as well and you can find them in different colors, which makes them very appealing.

After a very early wake-up call and a refreshing swim in the pool, I headed to the archeological site, Uxmal. This is one of the most important Mayan archeological sites. It was designated a Unesco Heritage Site. The pyramids were impressive, as well as the view on top of them. It makes you think of how advanced was the Mayan culture, in order to be able to make impressive constructions and not having all the technologies and means that we have nowadays. While walking I saw big and colorful iguanas and some little bats that were taking a nap.

I left Uxmal, and headed to Campeche, a city situated at the Gold of Mexico, a town filled with pirate stories. But I had to stop for lunch of course, and what better way than to try the specialty of the region, the cochinita pibil? It is a marinated pork dish, slow-roasted, that is traditional for the peninsula Yucatan. They slow roast the cochinita pibil in the ground and serve it with freshly made tacos and rice. I could try a mix of pork and chicken meat. I also enjoyed a very special way of drinking a tequila shot mixed with coffee liquor, it was amazing. I had to sit on a chair, wear a big sombrero. Then I was given the shot, I had to drink it all at once, and then he shook my head in order for everything to be well mixed. It was a great experience and really funny at the same time. Everything tasted great and was very authentic.

On the way, I visited a small village, Pomuch and their cemetery. It was a very interesting experience, something that you don’t have the possibility to see daily. They have different customs related to dead people than we have in Europe. After they bury their beloved ones, for two years they are left in the ground. After that time passes, they are taken out and they take care of them and clean the bones. With this practice, they show gestures of love to their dear relatives and get closer to them. Everything is decorated with flowers.

I left the place in full solemnity while watching the landscape on the way to Campeche.

Next time I will tell you more about the rest of the trip, about Campeche, San Cristobal de las Casas, the amazing temples in the jungle and much more. Feel free to ask any questions, leave comments and if you like my story please subscribe to the newsletter in order to receive the rest of the story.

Enjoy the Mexican sunset!






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